I prodotti Petrata Shop possono essere acquistati online e spediti a tutti i paesi dell’Unione Europea.  La spedizione è gratuita in tutta Italia per ordini sopra i 100 € (verrà applicato un costo di 20 euro per ordini di importo inferiore). Agli ordini diretti fuori dall’Italia e all’interno dell’UE si addebita un costo di spedizione di 40€. Non si effettuano spedizioni all’esterno dell’UE.


The Beauty line was produced exclusively for Castello di Petrata by a company specialized in the production of cosmetics. The collection includes hand cleanser, hand cream, shower-shampoo and conditioner; all our products are natural, paraben, silicone and gluten free and have been specifically tested for their nickel content, therefore safe for allergy sufferers.
What distinguishes them is the fragrance that unites them: liquid soap, hand cream and shower gel have an unmistakable scent of fig leaves, which recalls strolls in the shade among the fresh and luxuriant fig trees of our garden; an essence that combines the green and woody smell of the fig leaf with the unforgettable sweetness of its fruit. The result is a fresh and fruity composition without being overly sweet and cloying.
The hair conditioner stands out from the others because its fragrance depends on the high concentration of myrrh extract, used as an ingredient by the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Greeks, it is known for its repairing properties.