I prodotti Petrata Shop possono essere acquistati online e spediti a tutti i paesi dell’Unione Europea.  La spedizione è gratuita in tutta Italia per ordini sopra i 100 € (verrà applicato un costo di 20 euro per ordini di importo inferiore). Agli ordini diretti fuori dall’Italia e all’interno dell’UE si addebita un costo di spedizione di 40€. Non si effettuano spedizioni all’esterno dell’UE.


Shipping process


Shipping fees

Petrata Shop products can be purchased online and shipped to all countries of the European Union. Shipping is free throughout Italy (with the exception of Venice Lagoon, Livigno and the Minor Islands, the cost of which is 20 euros) for orders over 100 €; a cost of 20 euros will be applied for orders less than 100 euros (for direct orders to Venice Lagoon, Livigno and Minor Islands the shipping cost is 40 euros). Direct orders outside Italy and within the EU are charged a shipping cost starting from € 45. Shipments are not made outside the EU.


When is the purchase process considered concluded?
The shipment of the parcels will be made at the conclusion of the purchase process which is to be considered as such with the fulfillment of the payment which can take place by bank transfer to the current account indicated at the time of purchase. A message will inform you that payment has been received.


When does the shipment take place?
Shipping takes place after the purchase process is complete. The shipping days are organized in order to avoid that any delay in delivery forces the package to lie in the courier's warehouses during the weekend resulting in an inevitable deterioration of the products. Normally we ship every week on Wednesday for orders received until Tuesday at 6pm.
At the time of order fulfillment, we send an email where you can follow the tracking of the package.


How are the products packaged?
The shipment of perishable and therefore delicate products entails the choice of studied and tested packaging which guarantees the product a fresh and safe journey. Our goal is to guarantee the customer the delivery of excellent quality goods that have kept their aromas and flavors unchanged during the shipment.
The cured meats are individually vacuum packed, a method that favors the conservation of nutritional and organoleptic properties.


Shipping responsibility.
We undertake to make an impeccable shipment packaging that allows the storage of the goods for 24 / 48H after sending, to follow the order tracking until the delivery of the same and is available for any unexpected event.
We decline any responsibility in the remote possibility in which the parcel, for reasons not related to our direct responsibility, should suffer unexpected and unforeseeable delays, leading to a deterioration of the goods. The goods will be delivered with a maximum number of attempts equal to 2, after which it will be brought to stock in the nearest warehouse and must be collected within 5 days, after which the package will be sent back to the sender and the shipment will be considered concluded as completed. Further shipments will only be possible with a new payment of shipping costs.


Can I change the order placed?
In the event that the user, at the time of completing the purchase, intends to modify the order made or has realized that he has incorrectly entered the address to which the package will be sent, he must proceed to contact the service customers immediately after realizing the error: send an email to shop@castellopetrata.com or call +393397891855.


We decline any responsibility for unsuccessful shipments due to incorrect indication of the shipping address by the user.